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Get your charms for the Bridesmaids' Charm Cake.

More wedding charms available upon request. Please E-Mail your request
* Note: Charms are slightly enlarged to show details.
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Sterling Silver Charms Jewelry
Part # Price Size/Description QTY
MCH0640 $3.00 Jet charm - Travel
MCH1020 $8.00 Suitcase charm - Travel
MCH1748 $5.00 Hope Chest charm - Next Person Engaged
MCH1755 $6.00 Silver Bell charm (Movable) - Next Person Married
MCH1760 $5.00 wedding cake silver charm
MCH1763 $6.00 Bride & Groom silver charm
MCH1769 $4.00 Wedding Glasses silver charm
MCH1770 $6.00 Church w/Couple charm (Opens)
MCH1772 $5.00 "Just Married" silver charm
MCH1938 $3.00 Heart silver charm - Next Person Married
MCH1800 $4.00 Treasure Chest silver charm - Good Fortune
MCH1805 $3.00 Four Leaf Clover silver charm - Good Luck
MCH1775 $5.00 Wishing Well silver charm - Granted Wish
MCH1847 $3.00 Wreath silver charm - Warm Home
MCH1062 $4.00 Flower silver charm - Great Gardens / Blossoming Love
MCH0572 $3.00 Key silver charm - Key to Many Doors
MCH1717 $5.00 Baby Carriage silver charm - Blessed with Children

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The Bridesmaids' Charm Cake

The Bridesmaids' Charm Cake is a fun idea to make your bridesmaids' luncheon special. Here is how it works.

Each charm has its own special meaning. Choose a charm for each bridesmaid. Each charm is attached to a ribbon and placed in its own bag with the meaning. You can place the charms between the layers of the cake. Each bridesmaid will pull her charm out by the ribbon. Below is list of charms we carry and their meanings. If you need further information please E-Mail your requests.

  Bridesmaids' Cake
  • Suitcase: Travel
  • Passenger Jet: Travel
  • Heart: Next Person Married
  • Bell: Next Person Married
  • Clover: Good Luck
  • Baby Buggy: Blessed with Children
  • Flowers: Great Garden/Blossoming Love
  • Key: Key to Many Doors
  • Hope Chest: Next Person Engaged
  • Money Bag: Good Fortune
  • Treasure Chest: Good Fortune
  • Wishing Well: Granted Wish
  • Wreath: Warm Home

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