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Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
Sterling Silver Charms Jewelry
Sterling Silver Charms Jewelry
Sterling Silver State Charms Jewelry
Sterling Silver Charms Jewelry
Part # Price Size/Description QTY
0038 $18.00 Large Link Charm Bracelet - 7"
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0021 $6.00 Teapot silver charm (lid opens)
0022 $3.00 Musical note silver charm
0023 $4.00 Treble Clef silver charm
0024 $8.00 Piano silver charm (The Grand opens up)
0026 $7.00 Megaphone silver charm
0028 $4.00 Cross silver charm
MCH1221 $7.00 Kitten with yarn silver charm
MCH0068 $5.00 Tennis Rackets silver charm
MCH0090 $5.00 Golf Clubs silver charm
MCH0980 $6.00 Eiffel Tower silver charm
MCH0249 $6.00 Snow Skis silver charm
MCH0248 $5.00 Computer silver charm
MCH0508 $4.00 Cell Phone silver charm
MCH0706 $8.00 Passenger Liner silver charm
MCH0962 $6.00 Statue of Liberty silver charm
MCH0965 $6.00 Golden Gate Bridge charm
MCH0935 $6.00 Bourbon Street Lamp Post charm
MCH0272 $6.00 Diploma silver charm
MCH1213 $8.00 Dog with newspaper silver charm
MCH1025 $8.00 Credit Card charm
MCH1689 $5.00 Stork w/Baby (moveable) charm
MCH1661 $5.00 Boy Figure charm
MCH2220 $4.00 Puffed Heart charm
MCH1664 $6.00 Girl Figure charm
MCH1712 $6.00 Baby Cup charm
MCH1044 $4.00 Palm Tree charm
MCH1704 $7.00 Baby Shoe charm
MCH1875 $6.00 Mother & Child charm
MCH0964 $6.00 Empire State Building charm
MCH0977 $7.00 Big Ben charm
$6.00 One State silver jewelry charm
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